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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Beautiful

I drove to Milton today to meet with our kid's case worker to FINALLY see a picture of our kiddos! They are absolutely adorable! Blond hair, and looks like blue eyes. The pictures weren't that great of quality but it didn't take much to notice their beauty! It was an amazing moment to finally see what they look like!
We also found out that we had been given the wrong date of birth for our daughter, and she is actually 5, and will turn 6 at the end of the year! Sounds even better! And get this, our son's birthday is ONE day after D's! So cool!
Brett still hasn't been able to view the pictures, and the case worker wasn't able to print them out for me, but we hope their foster parents will be able to e-mail us some pictures soon, or better yet, we will be able to take pictures ourselves of all of us! Word on the street, is that we MAY get to meet them this weekend! We are reaaaaally hoping that works out, but if not we will continue being patient! Or should I say impatient.
Brett still has to wait in suspense to even see them! It's so hard to know we were matched with our kids, and we can't even see their faces, or touch them. It is such a weird feeling. You just hope they're safe, healthy, and happy while we wait to know they are safe in our home.
The case worker said that they are very excited to meet us, and when they saw our video and the scrapbook I made them, they just lit up! That made me feel so good, because I didn't have to see anything to just light up knowing they are ours. We love them already. We will keep everyone posted about all the stuff going on over the next few weeks. We hope to have them moving in with us after they finish the school year! That would be PERFECT timing for everyone! We can't wait to share them with all of our family and friends, and let them realize how loved they are and have been, before they were ever met!
GOD IS GREAT! Thank you Jesus!

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