Hosea 14:3 "in you the fatherless find compassion"

Monday, March 28, 2011


As most of you know, we started our adoption journey at the end of last year. We decided we wanted to adopt when we were pregnant with G. We researched adoption, and contacted the Cherokee Nation adoption Program about a year ago. We decided we would wait to see how we feel about adoption once the baby arrives, and see how it feels to parent two kids. Let me be the first to say... the first few months of G's life, adoption was in the back of my mind. Especially during times when D would miss the potty and go on the floor, while I was trying to nurse a VERY hungry newborn! But once we got settled into our routine the idea was still there, and we still felt called to adopt. We weren't sure when, but we knew one day we would.
Although, being a stay-at-home mom was great, I still have goals I'd like to accomplish so I decided I was going to go back to college to start Pre-med. After many prayers, and prayer requests, we decided that both of us going to school at the same time just sounded impossible and unfair to our children. So, after much deliberation, and prayer we decided once again my education goals need to take a back seat for awhile. I was ok with this, because I know I couldn't be the best wife or mother I could be while trying to study pre-med with two children under the age of 3. This is when I realized, what better time than now? I'm a stay at home mom who isn't going to finish school until Brett has his career situated, so what better time than now to complete our family through adoption. After many prayers, and discussions we both agreed that this truly is the best time for all of us.
And our journey continues...
I called, what felt like, all over the world trying to figure out which adoption route would be the best for our family. We had it in our hearts to adopt a child(ren) with Native American heritage due to my having cherokee heritage, and being an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. Unfortunately, everyone I spoke with locally reassured us that they never see Native children in this area. So, we decided to go through a private home study agency to proficiently search for children out of state. We found our social worker, Margot Logan, with Forever Families Home Study Agency. She is also an adoptive mother of 4 from foster care, and she is truly a gem. She can relate to what we are going through first hand and knows exactly what to say to keep my patience during this emotional journey.
After all this... we are still waiting... patiently...or should I say as patiently as possible. Let me tell ya... it is hard to be patient, but we try to stay busy. Brett being in flight school keeps him extremely busy, and I stay busy with D and G, not to mention some extremely therapeutic Perdido Kid's Park visits with another waiting adoptive parent, and good friend, Laura.
We are hoping this week will bring some life altering changes, and we can't wait to see what God has in store for us and our lives as a family. Everyone should experience adoption in some sort of way... you truly see God working in the process, and He makes it very obvious that this is His doing, and in His time. You can fall in love with pictures, and the thought of certain children completing your family, but God has His plan, and He will lead us to the love He wants us to share with the children He wants us to lead to know Him. Psalm 127:3 says "Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him" and with our hearts we will embark on the adoption journey and may God get all the glory.


  1. Im so happy to read this.....overflown with love and bliss knowing that you exist. Such a wonderful human being and family. This child will be the luckiest have been raised by you andrea. I love u....xoxoxo chelle

  2. Hi Sister. This is beautiful. Can't wait to hear more.